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Effective Interview Strategies for Today’s Job Market:

Wed. Dec. 4th at 2pm, and Thurs. Dec. 5th at 4pm

Five simple strategies to get the right candidate every time!
Did you know that at least 46% of all new hires will fail (i.e., quit or be fired) within the first 18 months of starting a new job? This statistic is shocking, but that’s what multiple sources have found when they studied this over the last two years. In fact, Harvard Business Review stated that percentage may be as high as 60%! As recruiters, we know most talent acquisition strategies have evolved in recent years; however, traditional face-to-face interview strategies have remained relatively unchanged. I’ve learned from my 20 years of HR experience the success of a new hire is directly related to the quality of the interview experience. In this class, I’ll share with you my recruitment interview strategies so you can skip the trial and error and learn what’s working now!


Human Resources for School Leaders

Human resources isn’t a set of skills for one person. In this 6 week class, you will dive into 6 different topics that deal with the people of your school. Topics will include: the do’s and don’ts of Hiring and Firing, how to evaluate if your school needs to contract out for a service or hire an employee, job descriptions 101, moving from evaluations to coaching, and more.


Understanding the Cost of Benefits

Understanding what your options are for waiving benefits, the cost payouts and other creative solutions for district efficiencies and your staff’s needs. Learn more about the soft benefits such as wellness, flexible schedules and also the legal requirements for traditional benefits.


Essential Question Cohort

Leaders in schools all have BIG opportunities and BIG struggles. This 4 month class is a practical application for school leaders to bring their real world problem to the table to dive deep, collaborate with other leaders and find real solutions–all with accountability from the coaches and mentors this class will pair you up with. The class will begin with a 15 minute video call overview to make introductions and understand the expectations of the participants and coaches for this class. Each person will be charged with determining their big essential question and the homework is all about how you move the needle forward on your essential question.


Preparing to Create Your Strategy Map

North Dakota requires every school to have a Strategy Map in place and the task of creating that plan from start to finish can be overwhelming. This 1:1 class will prepare you to complete the process with confidence and organization. Your mentor will walk you through a checklist of materials and data that you will need to make your strategic planning process efficient and informative for your board members, employees and stakeholders. Please note this is not a strategic planning process, but rather a class to organize the data and other inputs to simplify creating the strategy map.


Successful Strategies to Pass A Referendum

Understand the steps to successfully conduct a referendum that provides engagement and education to the community. Learn from our past experiences of referendums across the state of North Dakota.


Working With Your Board

This class will walk through effective strategies in working with a school board or non-profit. From agenda planning to decision making processes, this class will give the best practice tools to create an engaged and effective board to better your organization.


Leadership Next Level – 1:1 Professional Coaching

Overwhelmed!? Need Inspiration!? This professional development is modeled after the best in private industry and transformed for the education world. This one month experience help you break down the large issues that bog you down and insert focus and accountability to push your leadership skills to the next level. You will be paired with a coach to provide accountability for your goals and be connected to leaders that can help put your ideas into action or extinguish the fires that you are surrounded by.