The BreakThrough Academy provides Coaching, Classes & Customized Consulting that give school leaders the solutions they crave. That way our schools and our students do better. 


How to Develop Quality Online Learning

Friday, March 20, 3pm-5pm
Saturday, March 21 9am-11am

The closure of schools due to COVID-19 has put online learning is in critical demand for all schools in North Dakota. This 2 hour online course is geared for any district leader who is charged with developing online learning resources.

Solution seeking resources include:

  • guidance worksheets to assist staff in developing resources
  • high quality online learning models
  • step-by-step processes for planning and development
  • class only or class + coaching options
  • Class Only: $149
  • Class + Coaching: $500 for class plus 2 one hour follow up coaching calls
    — ND DPI scholarships available


One on One Professional Coaching

Overwhelmed!? Need Inspiration!? This professional development is modeled after the best in private industry and transformed for the education world.
This one month experience help you break down the large issues that bog you down and insert focus and accountability to push your leadership skills to the next level. You will be paired with a coach to provide accountability for your goals and be connected to leaders that can help put your ideas into action or extinguish the fires that you are surrounded by.


Student Engagement

Successful student engagement has so many hidden moving parts that can leave you feeling overwhelmed! This group coaching course will resemble a “think tank” set up to explore what true student engagement looks like, sounds like, and feels like for all, as compared to the adult “mindset” of student learning.

This 4 week group coaching experience is geared for Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Principals and Assistant Principals. The group will meet one time per week using Zoom and is limited to 6 participants. Participants are able to set their own learning outcomes in addition to:

  1. Unlearning and relearning what students need from education leaders to develop authentic learning experiences.
  2. Developing a baseline understanding for their school of how to assess engagement throughout the learning process.


Essential Question Cohort

Leaders in schools all have BIG opportunities and BIG struggles. This 4 month class is a practical application for school leaders to bring their real world problem to the table to dive deep, collaborate with other leaders and find real solutions–all with accountability from the coaches and mentors this class will pair you up with.
The class will begin with a 15 minute video call overview to make introductions and understand the expectations of the participants and coaches for this class. Each person will be charged with determining their big essential question and the homework is all about how you move the needle forward on your essential question.

Successful Strategies to Pass A Referendum

Understand the steps to successfully conduct a referendum that provides engagement and education to the community. Learn from our past experiences of referendums across the state of North Dakota.

Working With Your Board

This class will walk through effective strategies in working with a school board or non-profit. From agenda planning to decision making processes, this class will give the best practice tools to create an engaged and effective board to better your organization.

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