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HR Consulting Services Topics

Workplace culture and climate are hot topics right now in the world of business.  Do you know what your company’s current workplace culture and climate are?  It’s been proven the best way to understand these important business factors is to ask your employees in a constructive and proactive manner.  Our team knows how to create custom workplace culture and climate surveys, effectively administer them while ensuring your team’s anonymity, and providing you with meaningful reports of the key takeaways.  We can also partner with you to develop an easy-to-deploy and trackable action plan to improve on any areas of deficiency.  

Did you know there are more open jobs right now than there are people looking for work?  Not only is this true, but this situation isn’t getting any better anytime soon.  Companies need to be strategic in their recruitment and retention efforts in order to continue their operations at the needed staffing levels.  Our team knows how its done, and will provide you with the latest recruitment and retention strategies to best position your company to face today and tomorrow’s complex staffing challenges.

What’s the most important thing you can do to set your new employees up for success?  The answer is simple = give them the tools and information they need in a timely manner to effectively do the job.  Also known as “onboarding”, this process is relatively simple to create but is frequently overlooked or is ineffective.  Our team can help you create a custom onboarding plan that focuses on the most important aspects for your company and team’s success.

Want to learn about current interviewing trends and present your company in the best light?  Not only will you come away from this training with a new appreciation for time-proven interview techniques, but you will also understand the legal considerations of what NOT to do during an interview so you don’t find yourself in a courtroom defending your prior actions.

Are you looking for another job or considering career advancement?  One of the most important things you can do to prepare for this is to have an eye-catching and expertly written resume ready to go!  Our team has recruited for hundreds of positions at all organizational levels and knows what hiring managers are looking for.  We can help you ensure your resume presents yourself in a professional and polished manner, and highlights the most important aspects for your desired career path.

What’s one of the best ways to ensure everyone’s on the same page to what your company’s expectations are?  Having written employment policies not only provides this, but also provides you with legal protections should something not go as planned.  Our team knows which policies are most important to have and how to write them in a clear and effective manner.  Let us help you create the necessary employment policies or update the ones you already have.

Do you wonder if your company has the right amount of employees for the current level of work?  Are you confident each unique position is clearly defined so your company can most efficiently operate to meet your business needs?  If not, we can help!  Our team understands the importance of proper job analysis and definition, as well as the positive impact and proactive considerations a written job description has.  

Employee handbooks are one of the most important compilation of documents a company can have.  So why are these so often overlooked or placed on a shelf to collect dust?  If you want to ensure your employees know what is accepted (and what’s not) within your company, you need to have a current and well-written employee handbook.  Our team understands the importance of employee handbooks and can help you prepare a handbook that effectively highlights the information that every employee with your company needs to know.

Employee benefits have a tremendous impact on a company’s ability to recruit and retain their employees.  Do you know how your company’s benefit offerings compare to other companys’ packages?  What options do you have to increase the perceived value of the benefits offered by your employees?  Our team understands the tremendous value benefits provide to employees, as well as what’s most common in our market, and can provide you with options on how best to optimize your company dollars in providing benefits to your employees. 

Coaching 1:1

  • 1 zoom phone call per week
  • Access to the resource library
  • Path to next level certification

Crisis Coaching: Level 1: 

  • Employee complaints
  • Employee discourse
  • General Conflict resolution
  • Plan of Action to move forward

Crisis Coaching : Level 2:

  • Isolated situation has now started to effect other places of the workplace
  • Isolated situation has gotten into the media
  • Plan of Action to move forward
  • Spokesperson Training

Crisis Coaching Level 3:

  • Federal audit and compliance preparation
  • Multiple employee reductions. 
  • Determination of essential employees.
  • Business function and structure review to identify efficiencies 

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