Olson Effertz Lobbying & Consulting is a joint venture that is ready to transfer their established contacts and working knowledge of North Dakota government, education and industry into advocating for the best clients in the state of North Dakota.

What We Do


Legal Counsel

John Olson provides over 30 years of government relations, legal counsel and lobbying experience in North Dakota for all sizes of business and industry. Since 2008 he has been named one of the Best Lawyers in America with a specialty in government relations.


Policy Intelligence & Analysis

Political climates are different in every state and every year. John and Kayla have spent a great deal of time understanding the personalities and what drives the decisions of state leadership.


Access to Decision Makers

The Olson Effertz team has a “seat at the table” in a multitude of policy development areas.


Policy Development

With access to North Dakota policy makers, Olson Effertz provides focused legislative support for their clients.


Corporate Relations

The entire Olson Effertz team are North Dakota natives and understand the intricacies of working with large and small companies in the Bismarck environment.


Executive Search & Management

The Olson Effertz team has over 50 years in executive management and leadership experience, along with a deep understanding of what it takes to keep team members versus just hiring a body to fill a spot.

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